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List of Tribes

Tribe Name Member Name Center of populace Primary Species Secondary Species Tribe’s attributes Magical affinity
Vrataya Vrataya none unusual species any catch-all term for Pasu not part of a clan ?
Ze’ev Ze’ev Estenne Wolves Canids, few others Militaristic; work closely with the Viramarga ?
Kakshi Kakshi ? Lion Felines Unfriendly to humans; lions marginalize other members ?
Heyoka Heyokan any large city Foxes any Assimilated into human culture ?
Crocuta Crocutan none Hyena any Homeless, wanderers, thieves; secret language ?
Deuter Deuterian Escorus any any Deeply religious; avoid most technology Rare; but otherwise very adept
Bastian Bastian Plains of Bhuma Felines? any Nomadic hunters; deeply traditional; deeply anti-technology ?
Centzon Totochtin Centzon Acre Lagomorphs (Rabbits) any Traditional; large ‘intimate escort’ business; distained by rurals ?
Arcto Arctorian the borders of the Whitemarch Bears any Secluded; slave-owners; warlike; resist human influence ?
Baluch Baluchan Helio/Gilead Bears none Friendly; royal guards for human throne ?
Hindvalia Hindvalian Plains of Bhuma Deer few others Nomadic; traders; many inducted into Viramarga ?
Faras Fara Plains of Bhuma Equines ? Ruling authority over Bhuma; standing army ?
Tylopo Tyl ? Camelids ? Traveling merchants; financial geniuses; lawyers; accountants ?
Calaveras Calaverian Meson Frogs Hydrophilic Pasu Mechsmithing; weaponcrafting; traders; social status is important Rare (depends on species); usually water?
Ao Qin Ao Qin Cetayanti Reptilians some others Protectors of Cela; unarmed combat; ritual & tradition; hospitable Uncommon?
Azi Dahaka Azi Samudran Desert Reptilians some others Bandit gang; take captives; leave victims alive Rare; but otherwise adept to fire
Tseiqami Tseiqami Simurgh Avians none Secluded; traditional; messengers & marksmen; ‘arrogant’ ?
Keero Keero none Bats ? Scouts, couriers, diplomats & smugglers for other tribes Rare; usually air magic
Human Human Helio/Gilead Humans none Rule Loka; as populous as all other tribes combined ?; able to control magic well

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