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Your average human, found in nearly every corner of the known world is Physically underwhelming compared to the anthropomorphic Pasu-Abhasa, humans are nonetheless clever and hardy enough to thrive in all of Loka’s climates.

Humans are as populous as all the other Pasu tribes combined. They are the descendants of the ancient Svarga, although they know little more about them than their Pasu neighbors.

They are critical in the history of contemporary Loka, as they are more prone to producing, using, and assimilating both Lokan and Svargan technology. And while the Pasu are also liable to produce offspring with rough magical qualities, humans are more likely to be able to control and hone it to the degree that is required of the Cela monks of Cetayanti, although there have been many instances of Pasu Cela.

Humans come in all the varieties you would expect: short, tall, pale, dark, scrawny, muscular.

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