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“Svarga” is the Pasu term for the ancient world that existed before the Great War?. An unequaled paradise, it encompassed the entire world, men made of steel? worked and lived with men of flesh, and Svargan scholars made life better with inventions so incredible as to be godlike.

Svarga was the home of the Svargans, predecessors of all human Lokans. A highly advanced civilization, Svarga was the progenitor of technology that today’s scientists are only just beginning to understand. Loka is the descendant of that grand people, the phoenix that rose from the ashes of an Armageddon that nearly cast down humanity forever.

No one knows much about Svarga outside of the few traces of scientific progress they left behind. Evidence of the way their culture worked, with what beliefs they held and what they valued, are often sparse at best– the language of the time past left to the study of a select few who have made headway in translation. The amount of still-readable material of their writings is low with most of it having decayed over the years, or stored on devices too advanced for anyone to make sense of it.

Svarga was said to be destroyed by the demon god ‘Dozakh Zulm’. Legend holds that Dozakh was brought forth by Svarga’s insatiable desire for conflict and war, and he rose to put an end to humanity, with all its virtues and flaws. Humans survived the wrath by hiding in bunkers. Dozakh turned the sky to ash, and scorched the ground, killing most of humanity and hunting survivors with highly advanced mechanical warriors. The first of the Cela, among whom was the mighty warrior Skanda, entrapped Dozakh into a metal seal called the Helldoor? before retreating with the rest underground, as the air had turned to smoke and the land was turning to ice.

Their eerie ruins litter the countryside, mostly decrepit caverns of steel and darkness, filled with the debris of time and neglect… but the determined explorer may find something extraordinary yet.

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