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Mission: Soul Gems, part 2

(Part 1, played on 13 September 2011, was unfortunately not logged. Too bad about the witty banter.)

Summary: Jason and Ari? of the Adventurers’ Guild? accompany Kat Weiss? on an expedition to dig up soul gems? in a Svargan ruin not far from Muon. As night falls, they approach a bridge only to find it guarded by a trio of suspicious characters who have camped in front of it. When the apparent leader of this new group, a big burly wolf with a shotgun, threatens our adventurers, Ari lets an arrow fly…

[OOC] Jason says, “Ari, I’ll need a focus roll, then”
WO> Ari proves the quality: Archery
WO> Skilled with bows and arrows
WO> Ari proves he has a focus stat at a value of: 4
[OOC] Ari says, “If there are no disagreements…”
WO> Ari is making a roll with stat value: 5
WO> result: 5
WO> Jason is making a roll with stat value: 4
WO> result: 6
[OOC] Jason exclaims, “Kazam!”
[OOC] Kat_Weiss says, “Wait, how does that work? o_O”
[OOC] Ari says, “I’m not certain a few yards away is a difficulty level of 4.”
[OOC] Jason asks, “How fast is the arror?”
[OOC] Jason says, “…arrow.”
[OOC] Ari says, “It’s an arrow. I dunno, man. It’s a flying bolt moving fast enough to go through you”
[OOC] Jason asks, “Okay, focus 3 okay?”
[OOC] Ari says, “I’d think 2 :P Looked it up. 240 FPS or so”
[OOC] Kat_Weiss says, “You can see it in flight, given enough distance, but catching it only works in wuxia movies.”
[OOC] Jason says, “lol, wuxia”
[OOC] Ari says, “Roll it Jay”
WO> Jason is making a roll with stat value: 2
WO> result: 1
[OOC] Jason exclaims, “CRITICAL MISS!”
[OOC] Ari says, “Four degrees of success. Kicktail”
[OOC] Ari says, “Miss? I won by four points O.o”
Jason’s bolt tears right through the wolf’s chest. I’ll spare you most of the gory details, but it seems like Ari’s going to be getting a little…souvenir on his face.
[OOC] Jason says, “I’m tiiired. x.x”
The lion’s bolt tears right through the wolf’s chest. I’ll spare you most of the gory details, but it seems like Ari’s going to be getting a little…souvenir on his face.
Ari looks like a rather feral warrior with blood over his face, and he growls. A small lion, perhaps, but he’s got a pretty nice roar. He pulls another bolt from his quiver and nocks it, looking for the next target.
The bandit’s shotgun sliiides out of his paws, and the other two bandits remain unseen, although you do hear the whines-punctuated-with-traumatic-gasps of one.
Ari earperks, hearing that, and calls out, “Lay down your arms and surrender, and we’ll spare your lives.”
Kat_Weiss wastes no time either. He drops his backpack and trundles over to put a foot on the downed wolf’s shotgun. He squints, trying to see if the bandit is dead enough for him to take the weapon safely.
(He’s dead, Jim.)
One bandit steps around, quite calmly. This one is a lynx, a smirk-cum-snarl on his face as his paws are raised to the air. “Heh heh heh. Didn’t think anyone could take down th’master QUITE so easily…” No sign of the other bandit.
[OOC] Ari says, “We ain’t speaking Latin! You need a good reason to use that sort of language! :P”
Kat_Weiss leans down and picks up the shotgun just as the second bandit appears. He remains crouched, readying his new weapon and looking around for Jason.
Ari looks to Jason and back, waiting for orders, but asks, “Where’s your friend? I hope he realizes if he doesn’t come out soon we’ll have ourselves a new throw rug.”
Ari says, “Another one, anyway”
Jason emerges behind the rock, looking a bit concerned. He’s also unarmed.
The lynx makes a motion with his head toward the back of the hill. “Oh, him?” His smirk tightens. “Vance? Heh heh. He’s too scared t’deal with an’ya three.”
Kat_Weiss speaks up. “Is that so? He might want to show himself up, just in case.” He doesn’t stand up though, but instead looks around even more carefully. Darn nightfall.
Ari stands up, arrow still drawn, “I see.” He tilts his head, “Well. This is rather unfortunate. My friend Kat here has your leader’s shotgun, so you’re not going anywhere. If your friend here shoots that fox, we’ll just have to drop you and him, as we’d be awful miffed about it. But seeing as how, with this arrangement, we won’t be getting much further without someone else dying otherwise, why don’t we talk about this one, and think it through?”
The lynx sighs. “Oi, Vance! These guys wanna do that ‘diplomacy’ stuff!” And in a mutter to himself, “diplomacy is for dips---s.”
Ari’s ear flits, and he does not get his eyes off the hill. His eyes aren’t really bothered by nightfall.
And the third bandit emerges—although if you weren’t aware of the cirumstances, you probably wouldn’t think he’s a bandit. A fox, perhaps fourteen or fifteen, peeks behind the hill, and walks out. He’s bespectacled, and wearing nicer clothes—dirty, yes, but in better condition than those of the other two. He catches a glimpse of his fallen leader, and he gasps agaain, eyes covered by his paws as he starts to near-hyperventilate again.
The lynx spits on the ground. “See? Useless, heh heh. I was tryin’ to tell th’boss that kidnapping…smarter kid’d be useless.”
Kat_Weiss frowns. Is this some kind of trap? He stands up carefully, covering the two bandits with the captured gun, but his eyes keep darting back and forth. Just in case…
[OOC] Ari asks, “What’s his weapon?”
[OOC] Jason says, “THe kid’s unarmed.”
[OOC] Jason says, “As is the lynx.”
[OOC] Jason asks, “However, can I get a focus check from everyone?”
WO> Ari is making a roll with stat value: 4
WO> result: 5
[OOC] Kat_Weiss says, “Errr…”
WO> Jason proves he has a focus stat at a value of: 1
WO> Jason is making a roll with stat value: 1
WO> result: 0
You see nothing special.
[OOC] Jason says, “lol”
You need to supply the net value of the stat you wish to +roll against.
[OOC] Jason says, “+prove focus, then +roll <number>.”
WO> Kat_Weiss proves he has a focus stat at a value of: 3
WO> Ari proves he has a focus stat at a value of: 4
[OOC] Ari says, “I proved it earlier”
WO> You are making a roll with stat value: 3
WO> result: 4
Kat_Weiss asks, “Like that?”
[OOC] Ari says, “Yepo”
[OOC] Jason says, “A 4 would be sufficient, in this case…”
[OOC] Jason says, “Anyway.”
[OOC] Kat_Weiss says, “I’m still not sure how that works. :)”
The lynx’s clothes are tattered, yes, but both Kat and Ari would notice a glint through a hole in his left sleeve, near his wrist. Ari would further realize that the glint is more of something flat, with a definite edge to it.
Jason, of course, doesn’t see anything.
Ari swings back toward the Lynx, “Open your coat, remove it, or I drop you now.” The arrow is still tight, eyes focused.
The lynx growls, and does as he’s told, shrugging his coat off. He’s not wearing anything underneath, it seems, his chest covered in multiple wounds that are in various states of healing. He doesn’t seem to have the knife on him, though.
Kat_Weiss still can’t believe this is so easy. He steps to the side, making sure only the bandits are in his field of fire, and not Ari. “What do we do with them?”
Jason looks to his left and right. “Keep your weapons trained on them for now, I’m going to see if I can talk to this kid.”
Ari walks slowly toward the Lynx, not letting the strain off his bow as he looks over to Kat, “Come here a moment. Need to tell you something.” He doesn’t his eyes off the Lynx.
[OOC] Jason says, “I assume Ari’s skilled enough to prevent overdraw? :3″
[OOC] Ari says, “Ari’s a very skilled archer.”
Kat_Weiss appears surprised, but complies. He looks a bit ridiculous, leaning towards the lion to listen while still trying to point the weapon convincingly.
Ari whispers to Kat…
Ari whispers, “Circle around that hill quietly and kill anything you see. I don’t know why Jason is unarmed. I’m not convinced these three are all. If you clear that area, make some snide comment about how foolish the bandits were to cross us, and then quickly slip toward their camp.” to you.
[guest] Nyxu has connected.
Ari whispers, “Then give us the all clear if it’s clear, and yelp if it ain’t and you don’t think you can take em” to you.
And of course, the lynx gives another raucous laugh, that sounds more like a bark. “Hah! That looks funny, an’ not at all intimidating.”
Ari doesn’t change expression, not deterred by the Lynx’s laugh.
Jason seems to be hugging the kid gently, talking to him. Seems to be working, as the kid’s looking back at him, not saying anything, but his ears are at attention.
Kat_Weiss scowls at the lynx as he takes a few steps back… and dashes around the hill, where the bandits came from.
Ari kicks the coat far away from the Lynx and himself.
:laughs some more, looking at Ari! “Hah, think you’re all strong an’ stuff ‘cause you’re armed and a lion! But you’re not much, you’re just a kid!”
[OOC] Jason asks, “Whoa. What?”
Ari says, flatly, “I’m not particularly amused by your tone. I would recommend understanding keeping you alive is an act of charity.”
[OOC] Ari asks, “Hmm?”
The lynx laughs some more, looking at Ari! “Hah, think you’re all strong an’ stuff ‘cause you’re armed and a lion! But you’re not much, you’re just a kid!”
There’s not much behind the hill where the bandits came from, just a revolver, torches, remains of a fire, and a modest amount of vira.
[OOC] Ari asks, “Is behind the hill and the camp a different place?”
[OOC] Jason says, “Nope.avi”
Kat_Weiss raises his voice so as to carry over. “Well, this kid just killed your leader. You’ll need to get better at picking targets.”
Ari growls, “On your knees, paws behind your head.”
The lynx crosses his arms, the smirk turning into a wide grin. “Hmph—do you think I came here expectin’ to live, lion? Granted, I didn’t expect Boss to go down so easily, but…” He does as he’s told, not before commenting on the kinkiness of the whole thing.
Kat_Weiss walks all around the hill to make sure the little camp is all there is, and emerges on the other side. “There’s only the three of you?” he asks, trying to sound mocking.
The lynx rolls his eyes! “An’ you need more than three to guard a bridge?”
Ari says, tersely, “Nope. But if I intended to kill you, I’d have already done so. You have a chance to stay alive. But if you betray me for one second, you’ll be joining your boss in short order. If there are any others, you shall be telling us about them before we find out ourselves.” He calls over his shoulder, “That wasn’t a ‘No’, Kat. Keep looking. Looks like they may be so incompetant they need more than three.”
Kat_Weiss smirks. He was only trying to gauge the bandit’s reaction, but isn’t about to tell him that. He nods and turns around to check the bridge proper. On the way, he bumps against Jason as if by accident and slips him the Derringer, with a reproachful look.
Jason whispers, “Y U SO ANGRY” to you.
You whisper, “Because you didn’t think to bring a weapon. :)” to Jason.
Jason blinks, furtively slipping the gun into his pocket, before continuing to talk to Vance, who appears to look around.
Jason whispers, “I have my magic!” to you.
[OOC] Jason says, “Roll focus, Kat”
WO> You are making a roll with stat value: 3
WO> result: 3
[OOC] Jason says, “Roll result: :3″
[OOC] Kat_Weiss asks, “Do we have the concept of a partial success in the rules?”
[OOC] Ari says, “You should, Mister GM :P”
Might be a bit hard to see here, but the river’s moving pretty fast—even someone who’s a strong swimmer wouldn’t be able to hide there for more than a little while.
At the very least, you can hear it babbling.
The lynx tilts his head. “Y’know, that was a pretty good joke,” he says, smirking yet again, looking into Ari’s eyes.
Jason hugs Vance again, standing him up. “…So, tell me, what’re you doing with those kids you kidnapped, Hawke?” he says, addressing the lynx.
Kat_Weiss frowns. He turns, trying not to look into the campfire, and climbs to the top of the little hill. “I’m beginning to think we should kill them, Ari. If they do have accomplices out there, it will be two less thugs to fight.” He keeps looking around as he’s saying that, feeling increasingly uncertain. Maybe there really is nobody else.
Hawke smiles, toothily. “Ah, nothin’. We just need new members is all. Vancie here, we just got a week ago from this stupid rich family down in Muon.”
Ari hmms, “You know, you’re right. I’ll just kill this one here.” He points the bow at the Lynx’s heart, point blank at this range, but pauses only one second for a yelp. If he moves, the lion shoots.
[OOC] Ari says, “That is”
[OOC] Ari says, “He waits to hear for the Lynx to object”
[OOC] Ari says, “And give up his friends”
Hawke’s grin wavers, finally, his ears dropping! “A-all righ’. We’re th’ only ones here, me and Boss and Vance, but… but th’ next shift’s coming in three, four hours…
[OOC] Jason says, “I’ve got roughly 1 hour 30.”
Ari ahs, “Good. Thanks for the info. Kat, could you get some rope and tie this fella up?”
Jason motions to Vance. “What about the fox/”
Ari says, “I’ll talk to him once this fella’s restrained.”
Kat_Weiss grins. “I’ll do my best.” He walks to the backpack and gets a length of rope. “What a waste,” he moans as he starts tying up Hawke. “You tell us. You’ve been talking to him.” His knots are better suited for carpentry work or some such, but they should do the job. Hopefully.
Hawke struggles a bit, but smirks. AGAIN. “Ah, well, guess th’second shift’s gonna ask some questions…” And he spits again, barely missing Ari’s foot.

Vance shivers, paws covering his eyes again. “B-but… I’d really l-like t-to go home…”
Ari stops putting so much tension on the bow, but doesn’t stop weilding it. He points it toward the ground, “Where you from, Kid?”
The fox sliides down to the ground, hugging his knees. “M-muon.”
Kat_Weiss finishes tying up the lynx, cuts off the rope so he can keep the rest, and steps back to look at Jason and Vance.
Ari nods, “We’re going back there when we finish this mission. You ever heard of the Ace’s guild?” He keeps his eyes on the horizon, in case anyone arrives early.
Vance earperks. “Y-yeah… I hear a lot of different things about them. Good and bad…”
Ari nods, “I’m sure there’s a lot said about us. But we always carry through our mission. Unfortunately that means we can’t divert back to Muon yet. But if you come with us, you’re certain to end up there eventually, since that’s where our headquarters are.”
Ari reaches out a paw and gives the kit a comforting scritch.
His eyes remain wrenched closed, but he presses into the scritch anyway, purring a bit gently. “O-oh…okay…”
Kat_Weiss coughs loudly at that. “You’ll want to carry his coat as well, Ari.” Surely the lion didn’t forget about the knife in the sleeve?
[OOC] Ari says, “Whose? Hawke’s? Vance doesn’t have the knife”
[OOC] Kat_Weiss says, “Not anymore, no.”
[OOC] Ari says, “Hawke’s coat out in the field some place. I kicked it away from the Lynx”
[OOC] Jason says, “COuldn’t’ve slid that far.”
[OOC] Kat_Weiss says, “My bad.”
Ari looks over at Kat, “You want to go get that, then? Might be a nice thing to add to the collection. Anything nice in the camp?”
Hawke stays quiet, but looks quite annoyed as you make claims to his knife!
Ari says, “To the victor the spoils and whatnot.”
Kat_Weiss nods and complies, trying to keep an eye on the lynx. “Sorry about that. We can’t exactly leave you with a knife, now can we? You might as well be untied.” He recovers the weapon and hands it to Ari. “Just some money and torches. Do we have enough torches?”
The lynx hisses, but again, he can’t do anything. “Gods, that was a gift from the boss…” he says, ears lowering.
Ari takes a look at it, “Leave him at least one. If his comrades abandon him, he’ll need it for warmth.” He examines the blade, “Really? Where’d he get it?”
The knife shows excellent craftsmanship—it’s hard to even see a scratch on it. “I… I dunno. But it’s really nice, ain’t it?”
Kat_Weiss looks at the length of rope he’s still holding. “Okay.” He proceeds to tie it solidly around a tree, then around the bandit’s ties. “Hang it somewhere outside his reach, we need to get moving already.”
The fox whimpers a bit. “A-are we away from the corpse yet?” he says, trembling a bit more. The other fox hugs him tight, nibbing on an ear. “No, not yet, Vance. Don’t worry.”
Ari nods, “That it is. I imagine he probably stole it from a very skilled blacksmith before killing him and taking his kid.” He slips the knife into his inventory and pulls out his own, taking it, and flinging it up into the trunk of a tree— a long climb up. “ONce you’re free, you can get that knife. It’d suck if your fellow kidnappers thought you useless and you didn’t even have a knife. Besides, it’s a little poetic that the one who defeated you left you a tool to survive with. Think on it.”
Kat_Weiss recovers the backpack. “Very well, then. No point loitering around anymore.” He stifles a yawn. “Tomorrow’s going to be a hard day, thanks to this little get-together.”
Ari nods, “So is tonight. We need to get movin and cover our tracks.” He looks to the Jason, “Lead on, bossfox.”
Jason nods, adjusting his glasses as the trio marches on, with Hawke the lynx spitting curse after curse at them.
[OOC] Jason asks, “and cut?”
[OOC] Ari says, “If you like”
[OOC] Ari says, “Quite an enjoyable scene :3″
[OOC] Kat_Weiss says, “A good time to cut, yes.”
[OOC] Kat_Weiss says, “Too bad we lost the first one.”
(You may want to read Part 3 now.)

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