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Character Profile

Jason is a six-foot tall fox Pasu. He looks to be in his teen years. His red fur runs down his body, accented only by the black patch below his right eye. He wears a set of worn work clothes—khaki jacket and pants, made of a sturdy material. On the left breast pocket, a patch with a spade (the card suit) is sewn on. His sleeves are usually rolled up, and he has a pair of green-tinted goggles either resting on his head or hanging around his neck. A pair of glasses rests on his muzzle, and a wrench hangs from his waist attached to a tool belt.


Jason’s a mechanic, fire mage, and leader of the Aces Guild.


While he does have limited control over the elements of fire, his relative lack of discipline means that this fire manifests itself when he’s feeling strong emotion, particularly anger. He’s also learning how to reverse fire magic to produce ice—although he’s not quite that good at it yet.

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