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Jul 21, 2024




Mission Soul Gems Part 3

(You may want to read Part 2 first.)

The fox, lion, and human pad along, the foxkit named Vance tagging along. “So,” Jason started, “I know I’ve asked you several times, Kat, but… Would you know what these ‘soul gems’ look like when you see ‘em?
Kat_Weiss walks on for a moment, then shakes out. “Huh… wha? Sorry, I was distracted…” “Yes, I’ve held one or two. Unless there is considerable variation, I can.”
Jason headtilts. “You think you can draw me a picture?”
Ari nods a bit, “Well, what do they look like, then?” He tilts his head, “Soul gems sounds like some serious jewelry. I have to wonder if one could find them hanging around the necks of rich ladies in Gilead.”
Kat_Weiss chuckles. “I’ll try to in the morning, Jason. And no, Ari, they’re too big for that. Bigger than my fist. Like colored, partially transparent gems with a dizzying pattern inside them.”
Jason grins! “Wow, they must be mesmerizing to watch, huh? You think we’d know if we’d see one?”
Ari oohhhs, “So they’re for wedding rings…” He rubs his muzzle, “How far are we from the site, Jay? I’d like to see one of these things.”
The little fox seems to be hiding behind Ari, but not standing too close. Jason scratches his head and consults his map. “Well, even if we camp tonight, we’ll be able to make it tomorrow by the afternoon… Yeah, sounds ‘bout right…”
Kat_Weiss watches the young fox from the corner of his eyes, still partially suspicious. “I just hope we’re far enough from the bandit camp by now.” He groans and rubs his eyes. “Not used to this kind of thing anymore.”
Ari’s tail swishes back and forth, slinking around. Probably occasionally bumping into the kid, though he doesn’t seem to notice, focused on moving forward, “Anymore? You musta had some interesting adventures in the past.”
Kat_Weiss stumbles. “Did I say that out loud? Don’t mind me.” He sounds… embarassed as he says that, then he shuts up and adjusts his backpack, which seems to be getting heavier by the minute.
Jason grins wide. “Are you okay, Mr. Weiss? You seem to be having trouble carrying that… Maybe we should take a break?”
Kat_Weiss chuckles. “I’ve carried it all day, and now partly into the night. What do you think?” His tone grows serious. “The question is, can we safely take a break now?”
Ari chuckles, “You know, Mr. Weiss, you seem like you could be part of the guild. Mysterious past full of adventures, cool in the face of danger.” He notes, “I noticed how you completely avoided running away during the bandit thing. Even scouted quite well.” He chuckles, “Why are you working for some academy when you could be doing something that keeps your heart pumping?”
Kat_Weiss ponders the question for a long time, his steps growing noticeably more weary as he goes. “Eh… I wanted to try civilization for a change. But I must earn a living, and my skills are only so broad.”
Jason stops, turning to Kat, looking concerned. “Are you sure you can keep going? I can keep watch while you rest…” he offers, though looking a bit unsure.
Kat_Weiss teeters, looking the older fox in the eye. “Either I’m growing old, or else Pasu are much more resilient than us naked apes,” he says with amusement. “But if we don’t rest soon, I suspect even you will crash tomorrow.”
Ari nods, looking over his shoulder, “What about you, kid? Think you can handle the pack for a little while?” He chuckles, “Though perhaps we should settle down, soon.”
Vance meeps, putting a paw to his chest. “E-eh? What do you mean, handle the pack?” he says, almost fearfully, eyes darting left and right!
Kat_Weiss waves a hand dismissively. “You guys are lighter than I am. It’s all right.” His voice is tinged with effort, though.
Ari looks ahead, “Well, up ahead looks like a good spot to settle down. Whatcha think?” He motions to a clearing up ahead.
Vance tugs on Ari’s tail. “Hey… What did you mean by pack?” he insists, eyes wide.
Jason rubs his head a bit. “Sure. That seems good enough. Ari, you and I can keep watch, right?”
Ari blinks, and points to the giant backpack Kat is carrying, “That thing.” he tilts his head, “But it looks like we’re settling down now instead.”. He then looks to Jason, “Oh, you kill one guy and suddenly you’re the guy killer.” He shakes his head, “Alright, I’ll take first watch.”
Jason nods gratefully, smiling gently. “T-thanks. Kat, be sure to get some rest—so you don’t, y’know, die of a heart attack when you find these soul gems.” Vance squeaks and nods. “O-oh of course… a /back/pack…”
Kat_Weiss falls silent as they approach the chosen spot, and sets down his burden. “Too bad we can’t have a fire. Oh well.” He starts unpacking the blankets. “Har har. What about you, Vance? I think you can take the third bed roll.”
[OOC] Jason asks, “Does Kat know that Jason can cast yet?”
Ari nods, “Yeah, they might see us.” He shakes his head, looking over the horizon while the others settle down and beginning his watch.
[OOC] Kat_Weiss asks, “I don’t think he realized Jason’s a mage yet. Ari didn’t know either, IIRC?”
[OOC] Ari says, “Ari knows.”
The foxkit nods and shivers a bit. “Would that really be okay?”
Ari looks over his shoulder, “Yeah, til it’s your shift.”
He squeaks again! “Y-you’re not serious…”
Jason gives a look to Ari. “…Really?”
Ari looks over at Jason, “Why not? He can shoot, can’t he? Or even if he can’t, he can scream real loud if he sees somethin’.” The lion shrugs.
Jason sighs… “Not everypasu grew up in a tribe, Ari,” he explains. “He’s a city boy, like me, right?” Vance curls up and nods.
Kat_Weiss talks quickly. “It’s all right, I can take third shift.” He doesn’t voice his real concern… what *else* Vance may do.
Jason gives Kat a startled look, then nods. “I… if you insist. All right, let’s get the tent pitched…” he says, putting his bag down to unpack it.
Ari gruffs, “City slickers are soft critters. A fox should be lively and wiley.” He shakes his head.
Kat_Weiss notices the gleam in Jason’s eyes as he stares from the darkness. “I’m tired, not dead. It will be all rrr…. Z…”
Jason smirks. “Humans,” he says, shaking his head as he yawns himself. “C’mon, let’s get a good night’s rest, Vance…”
Kat_Weiss’s hat falls over his face as his body relaxes, hands hugging his new acquisition, the shotgun.
Jason flicks his ears. “Perhaps we should… move this…” he says, nudging the gun out of Kat’s arms.
Ari tenses, seeing Jason try that. He has a feeling that choice of action is going to blow up in his face. Or blow off his face.
Jason sighs. “It’s not very safe hugging a gun while you’re sleeping.”
Kat_Weiss promtly jolts upright, twirling the gun, bringing it to point at Jason. Then he wakes up. “What do you know, I can still do that.” He sighs. “You’re right. I’ll trade you this for my Derringer.”
Jason nods and takes the derringer from its holster, passing it to the human. “Please don’t point guns at me. I’ve had it been done several times, none pleasant.”
Ari looks over his shoulder again at Jason, “You just startled a man in his sleep holding a gun. He wasn’t trying to hurt you, he was doin what…” He frowns, “What someone who has had a bit of a past would do.”
Kat_Weiss blinks slowly as he turns the shotgun around and hands it over. “Sorry, old habit. Being alone out there ain’t easy.”
Jason rolls his eyes at Ari, patting the foxball next to him. “Leave him alone for the time being, please…”
Ari tilts his head, “Leave him alone?” He scratches his head, not quite sure what Jason was talking about. “Alone, eh? Strength in numbers, my friend. I have to wonder what got you out into the desert, Mr. Weiss.”
[OOC] Jason exclaims, “Dessertses!”
[OOC] Jason says, “Maybe we’re all tired here. x.x”
[OOC] Ari says, “Yerp X.x”
Kat_Weiss wraps himself back in the blanket. “It’s a long story,” he mumbles, “and one I’m not proud of. But it’s all in the past now.”
[OOC] Kat_Weiss says, “We should probably wrap up for the night sometime soon… in my case both IC and out. :P”
[OOC] Jason says, “Well, we can do it now. Nothing eventful’ll happen in the night.”
[OOC] Jason says, “…Yet.”
[OOC] Ari says, “A’ight, then :)”
[OOC] Jason exclaims, “good night!”
[OOC] Kat_Weiss says, “And thank you. Turning off logging.”
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