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Dozakh Zulm

Political war and religious strife eventually overwhelmed the people of Svarga, and their marvelous creations were turned from benevolence to bloodshed. The world quaked under the power of their weapons as they clashed, and their mutual hatred led to the birth of the demon god ‘Dozakh Zulm’, the name and face of the destruction of their cities and their people. Refugees quailed in fear as they hid themselves away in droves, deep underground to escape the fires of the end.

After centuries of midnight winter, the land of Loka has known hundreds of years of peace, growth, and strife ever since the defeat and imprisonment of the demon-god Dozakh Zulm. This feat was accomplished by the predecessors of the modern-day College, the Saoshyant, a gathering of deified holy warriors that spawned today’s religion of the ageless tree Gaokerena. It is the Gaokerena at the heart of the Grand Castrum which has overgrown the doorway through which Zulm was banished; it is said that if ever the life-force of the tree is sapped away, it will mean the end of days.

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