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  • Svargan era. World go waa-boom-freeze.
  • ~LY −250 First known Pasu tribes formed, including Ze’ev. Most are actually living elsewhere at this time, and subsequently migrate into the area. Earliest tribes all subsist by hunting.
  • ~LY −200 Some tribes develop herding lifestyle. Vegetarian herders settle in the Ashvamedha area, but most such are carnivores.
  • ~LY −150 First known “hot spots” appear. Oral histories of some early settlements indicate start of limited agriculture amount the small number of surface-dwelling humans, and a minority of the Pasu. [“Surface dwellers” may actually be former bunker occupants who left early, for one reason or another.]
  • ~LY −100 Reputed foundation of Muon, at site of abandoned bunker. Ze’ev destroy Raga after a long, bloody war.
  • LY −45 Earliest datable documentary evidence from Basho.

Century of Survival

  • LY 0 Humans from the “Helio bunker” emerge, encounter Pasu.
  • LY 1 Kingdom of Loka proclaimed; reign of King Rajan the First begins. Ze’ev age of enlightment dawns as news of Helio spreads, eventually giving rise to the Council of Six supplanting rule by a single leader.
  • LY 14 Gilead founded as fishing port by settlers from Helio.
  • LY 29 Using newly-build plows and seed gathered from gardens and southern plains, wheat starts to be grown on significant scale in Lokan fields.
  • LY 33 Trade route established between Helio and Muon.
  • LY 41 Explorers discover Quark bunker, which is still inhabited.
  • LY 100 Helio is now a bustling metropolis of a thousand souls. Technology is largely late medieval.

Century of Consolidation

  • Throughout 100s: Majority of present-day settlements are founded, or incorporated into the Kingdom.
  • LY 114 Disciples of Skanda? found Cetayanti and Cela.
  • LY 130 AKA founded.
  • LY 161 Black powder cannons used for first time in Battle of [Place].
  • LY 185 First low-pressure stationary steam engine used in [some factory].
  • LY 200 Population and extent of Loka is [???]. Technology is approximately 17th century.

Century of Steam

  • LY 203 Naraka Corporation founded. Begin mass-producing woven woolen clothing and cast-iron tools on an industrial scale.
  • LY 212 King’s Army begin using matchlock muskets.
  • LY 220 Programmable loom.
  • LY 266 Process for large-scale production of high quality steel.
  • LY 270 The Grand Castrum completed.
  • LY 273 Present monarch, King Victor Rajan? accedes to throne.
  • LY 298 Mass production of “advanced” smooth-bore muzzle-loading muskets.

The Modern Age

  • LY 304 First successful reverse-engineering of a high-pressure steam engine from a Svargan “survival tech” unit. Quickly adapted to road vehicles.
  • LY 309 First difference engine? prototype built using all-Lokan engineering, with no “legacy” components. Scientists confidently predict that all remaining secrets of Svargan technology will be rediscovered within twenty years.
  • LY 317 Experimental breech-loading firearms? developed.
  • LY 322 Technology is comparable to 1900AD, though lagging in some areas (notably firearms), and more advanced in others (steam, programmable devices). Mining of petroleum, experiments with use in vehicle engines.
  • LY 326 Advocatus Diaboli launch an assault on the Kingdom. King Victor Rajan and Leviathan are killed in the ensuing Advocate Insurrection. The Grand Castrum, the Gaokerena, and portions of Helio, Muon, and Gilead destroyed. Dozakh Zulm seen for the first time since the sealing of the Helldoor.

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