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The town of Helio, former capitol of the Kingdom of Loka, was little more than the contingent of the Grand Castrum, deceptively ostentatious and almost entirely functional. Buttressed two-story brownstones, once strung with colorful wind-tousled banners and bunting, frame a circular, narrow street called Ring Road around the citadel at the center of town.

As the seat of power in Loka, Helio was also the focal point of the Advocate attack during the Insurrection, and received massive damage at the hands of pirate airships and, some claim, a treaded war machine helmed by Leviathan himself. The Castrum was destroyed in the fighting, and with the fall of the king?, and subsequently the kingdom, the influence of Helio has faded.

At present, a good portion of the city has been rebuilt, including the Naraka-bankrolled Steel Castrum?, but many buildings are still abandoned and in various states of dilapidation. Most aristocratic families have since moved on to take up residence in other cities, while some of those who lost everything in the attack have joined the refugee camp on Esquemelin.

However, humans and pasu from all over Loka have moved in to take their place, squatting in the half bombed-out manors or building new, more modest structures on the outskirts of what is still a vital crossroads for trade throughout Loka.

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