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The brassy gleam of Esquemelin sparkles across the heaving tides, a jewel in the lush jungles of the moon-shaped island. Wells Bay is a wide horseshoe inlet, lined with a dozen barnacle-encrusted docks that segue into a cobblestone waterfront. Alleys between the ramshackle warehouses lead to a broad collection of tall stone and wood buildings, gilded with stylized bronze girders and gargoyles. Candles flicker in the windows. The city of pirates, where one can find just about anything at the Black Market for the right price.

Following the failed Advocate vie for power during the Insurrection, the leaderless inhabitants of the island fled, fearing retribution from the remnants of the King’s Army. Although this did not come to pass, city of Esquemelin was soon found completely abandoned - and in a strange twist of fate, began attracting the very refugees that the Advocate’s conflict had displaced.

It is currently unknown where the original inhabitants of the island fled to. Some speculate that they’ve simply found a new home in the seedy underbelly of cities like Acre or Muon, but rumors persist of a mysterious Second Thaw? that the pirates made their exodus to.

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