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The Bilge Rat


The Bilge Rat was founded by Ezrain Eldarkze, Captain of the Crew of the Emalaina when he realized he needed a shore base of operations. It is now used as his primary recruitment point and watering hole, and all wishing to pledge their loyalty to the Emalaina and sign her articles are told to stop by here. Piratey business of all sorts is also handled here, as well as the primary pirate pastimes of carousing and wenching. It holds a special appeal for the sea-faring population of Esquemelin, and landlubbers are often looked upon with some disdain. The Bilge Rat himself however, will serve anybody.

The Exterior

The Bilge Rat stands right on the waterfront, with no lights outside and a solitary signpost that shows an impaled rat head with x’s for eyes and its tongue lolling out. There isn’t much in the way of shrubbery or decoration otherwise, and a dingy yellow light spills out from it’s windows and ajar front door. There is a small wharf next to it so that sailors on shore leave can row right up without having to go into town. Many a hard plundered coin is spent here at The Bilge Rat.

The Interior

A favorite haunt of buccaneers and low-lifes of all sorts, The Bilge Rat is an extremely dingy and dilapidated bar. The wooden floorboards creak when a being walks on them. The bar is tiny, dark and cramped, with a dusty bar facing the entryway. Behind the bar is a shelf crammed full of dusty bottles that seem full of vile concoctions, and above this hangs a flag depicting the Jolly Roger of the Emalaina: A grinning white skull with a cigar in it’s mouth and a jester cap perched at a jaunty angle.

The main area of the room has five large round tables in it, made from flotsam and jetsam. Sitting objects include barrels and stools, and at least one table is made out of an enormous helm from a now-destroyed vessel. Pirates and corsairs of all races recline in various stages of intoxication.

Behind the bar stands a rat bartender. He is a grimy sort, and looks able to use the cutlass he has at his waist.

Posted on one wall of the barroom are many wanted posters. Most have been doodled on, with profanities covering every face, directed at the being depicted as well as The Royal Guard. Dart holes perforate some of them, while crusts of unidentifiable liquid decorate others.

The Bilge Rat

The Bilge Rat himself is somewhat of a mystery. Most patrons simply call him Bilge, and he is known to be loyal to his Captain. It is unknown why he was selected to tend the bar out of all of Eldarkze’s crew.

Bilge is a ferocious looking sort, missing an eye, an ear and a leg. His teeth are yellowed with years of not brushing properly, and his shaggy gray fur is patchy in some places. His tail has taken an ugly scaly texture. The tattered ear still has enough flesh left to sport a golden hoop earring, and his leg is made out of solid oak. He is dressed in a brown vest with a greasy gray undershirt, and brown pants. On his paws are buckled black shoes. Hanging in a brown leather belt at his waist is a black painted cutlass, one that has several notches in the handle.


The Bilge Rat is home to boozing and wenching yes, but it is also a place for the sailors to swap tales and gamble. All sorts of games are popular here, from arm-wrestling to the favorite of dice poker. Indeed, dice poker has become so popular that there are tournaments organized for it, with the house taking a significant cut of the winnings.

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