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Crew of the Emalaina

Crew of the Emalaina

The Ship Herself

The Emalaina is a small sloop that takes port in the town of Esquemelin. It is captained by the human Ezrain Eldarkze, and the crew is as nefarious and bloodthirsty a group of cut throats that ever sailed the Sea of Rocana. They have taken to terrorizing the small sea with lighting fast smash-and-grab tactics, often under the flag of another organization. They operate like typical pirates, hoping for minimum resistance at the sight of their unique Jolly Roger being struck. Their reign of terror has swelled unexpectedly, and it is anybody’s guess as to their motives for piracy.

Notable Crew

Captain Ezrain Eldarkze

The lanky, olive-skinned human pirate known as Ezrain Eldarkze stands approximately 5′8. His hair is shaggy, and a dirty, greasy blond. His limbs are sinuous, depicting a man of agility rather than strength. This pirate is normally seen dressed in luxurious black leather boots with bright golden buckles on them, complete with black cotton pantaloons tucked into them. A red sash sports his rapier across his waist. His chest is covered by a white boatswain’s shirt, and over that this Eldarkze sports a bulky black seaman’s cloak adorned with gold buttons. Ruffs from the boatswain’s shirt come out of the sleeves and over the chest when the coat is buttoned. Under his cloak is a brown bandoleer, which houses an array of tricks ready to be whipped out. Across his right eye is a black silk eye patch with a white coxcomb adorning it. His head is normally covered with a black tricorne embroidered with white fluff. His mouth sports more than one gold tooth, and from his left ear dangles a golden hoop earring. Ezrain Eldarkze whole-heartedly believes the mantra “look your best for battle.”

Eldarkze is known to be a huge joker and show-boater, earning him the moniker “The Jester Pirate”. He enjoys telling yarns in the tavern, and practicing the arts of the theatre. To this end, and to aid in recruitment, he has founded a tavern called The Bilge Rat.

His history is not known at this time, other than he has united this rag-tag bunch of miscreants under his banner in order to cause terror on the high seas.

Quartermaster Sulkest Simjee

Sulkest was born into the Simjee merchant family, a moderately wealthy family with technical know-how and a booming gadget trade in Muon. Sulkest had a formalized education courtesy of his family at The Academy of Knowledge and Advancement, and upon graduating joined the Simjee family as a book-keeper and accountant. To see how the family business operated first-hand, Sulkest was sent on a cargo vessel into the Sea of Rocana with a captain named Ezrain Eldarkze. There, Sulkest would be convinced by the charismatic captain that a life at sea was more worthy than a life on land, and that adventure was just waiting out there for those who could take it. Sulkest assisted Eldarkze in his mutiny and seizure of his family’s vessel, and has been acting as the Quartermaster ever since. He has developed a desensitization to bloodshed and is believed dead by his family, a victim of the terrorist Ezrain Eldarkze.

Sulkest is a black-banded jackal, and bears all of the markings of his species. He sports mostly tan fur with a black patch covering most of his back. His eyes are a piercing green. He wears his hair in one long, dark braid down his back. He is about 5′7. He is wearing a loose fitting white cotton shirt, brown trousers, and heavy black boots. A pair of spectacles balance on his muzzle. At his side is a brown leather messenger bag. On his waist is a brown leather belt that holds a sheathed kris.

In battle, he wields the kris “Skurk.” Rumors abound that it has a mind of it’s own, and that it’s deadly precision in battle is a reflection of that.

Zhikai “The Mad” Katzenjammer

Zhikai has been a member of Ezrain’s crew for a couple of months now, proving his worth in battle with his tolerance to pain and agility. His attacks are ferocious and many, and few can stand up to his hail of blows. He is originally from Acre, where he worked as a back-alley brawler and part-time shield polisher for the pit fighters there. While there, he was able to hone his hand-to-hand fighting prowess and develop an affinity for exotic weapons. Zhikai took to a life on the sea when he saw the opportunity for plunder as well as battle, as opposed to his winnings from the street rackets in his home city.

Zhikai is an extremely small Meerkat, standing at about 5′0 even. He sports one gold canine. He wears a plain, beige tunic, and is covered with what appears to be a piecemeal collection of brown leather armor: one pauldron juts out from his right shoulder, while a studded breastplate covers his chest. His leggings are made from leather, and a golden hoop ties all the pieces together at his midsection. Covering his paws are two extremely large leather gloves. These gloves house three prismatic blades each, aiding this scoundrel in his flurry focused battle style.

He sports the traditional colorings of his species, his back being tan with a pattern of brown spots, and brown bandings on his tail complete with darkened fur around his eyes. His fingers are also slightly darker than the rest of his body. His eyes are a dark brown. Zhikai’s brown ears lie close to his head.

Zhikai speaks in an almost unintelligible accent, and makes heavy use of slang in his speech.

Kismet Scheherazade

Kismet is an extremely tall and muscular dromedary camel, standing about 6′7. His garb normally consists of a red bandanna, and a deep purple vest across an otherwise bare chest. Intricate tribal tattoos criss-cross his body and face, all of which wreath an ornate anchor tattooed on his chest. To the learned observer, his markings clearly indicate him as a member of some tribe from the Samudra desert. Completing his clothes are a pair of frayed white pantaloons. Kismet wears no shoes. He has never been heard speaking in public, so it is anybody’s guess as to how this camel Pasu came to be in league with pirates. He is the main gunnery officer of the ‘Emalaina’, and as such is often below deck with his team during battle. He is also an expert marksman, and his hand-made jezail is never far from his side. If Eldarkze requires him for boarding action, he is also a skilled fighter with an immense sabre.

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