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Loka is a hereditary monarchy. However, as it never went through a true feudal period, there is no real nobility, but instead, all important positions are direct royal appointments. Many of the most important of these form the Commission of the Realm. Each of its principal cities are administered by a Sheriff, who is able to appoint in turn a number of Undersheriffs and other minor officials to attend to tasks that must be delegated. More sporadically, officials are given a broader remit: at several different times, a Castellan of Simurgh has been entrusted with the area south of Rocana, though actually more frequently doing so from Noria; often, High-Reeves have been given broad powers to deal with matters in several different large areas in the north.

Several towns with no sheriff instead have mayors; these are elected rather than appointed, though the franchise is invariably far from universal. The most common arrangement is for a council of the trade guilds to meet in closed sessions to arrive at a choice.


The King’s Army is commanded by the Captain-General, who reports directly to the king. It is primarily organized into a number of locally-raised companies, which can be deployed into larger brigades as needed. The most prestigious is the King’s Company, stationed in Helio but recruiting from the whole kingdom, and who also perform various ceremonial functions in the capital. Is is commanded by a Captain-Major, the highest permanent posting for a soldier other than the Captain-General himself.

A Lord Admiral commands the naval forces on the Sea of Rocana: despite his more prestigious-sounding title, his military role is much less important, and the holder in practice is more of a senior courtier than a warrior.

Separate from the Army is the Royal Guard?. The Captain of the Guard also reports directly to the King, and has considerable influence at court, beyond the small size of the Guard.

A final martial individual, distinct from all the above, is the King’s Champion?. This role has varied tremendously over different appointees, and different kings, and has included at different times being the Viramarga’s presence at court, a means of conducting vigorous ‘diplomacy’ with the tribes, a star of the arena, a personal advisor, and a rival, alternate personal bodyguard, beyond the already somewhat overlapping roles of the Royal Guard and the King’s Company.

Tribal relations

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