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King’s Army

  • Soldier/Trooper/Grenadier/Bombadier. Enlisted soldier.
  • [Unit] Corporal. Leading soldier in a Lance, File, Section, or Volley.
  • Corporal-Major. Leading soldier in a squad.
  • Sergeant. Permanent leader of one of the 2–4 platoons or troops of a company. Reports to detachment lieutenant when assigned.
  • Sergeant-Major. Typically have company-wide duties. In some units, more than one SM exists, in which case the seniormost one is designated “Company Sergeant-Major”, and others have distinct titles, such a “Color Sergeant Major”, “Quartermaster”, etc.
  • Lieutenant. Officer given any subordinate command within a company, acting on behalf of its Captain. Includes both commanders of subunits (platoons, squadrons, batteries, etc), and company-level staff officers. Exact titles and precedence can vary widely from company to company.
  • Lieutenant-General. Staff officers to C-G. More junior to a Captain, more senior to a Lieutenant, but not in a direct chain of command with either.
  • Captain. Commands a company.
  • Captain-Major. Captain given extra responsibility, such as significant elements from another formation, or on occasion, an entire other company as a subordinate command. Also used for Captain given command of an “independent company”, a loosely defined term for companies with a variety of different roles.
  • Captain-General. Most senior officer in Army.

Marcher Rangers

  • Deputy: Generally a part-time or temporary role.
  • Ranger: rank-equivalent lieutenant, able to deputize pro temps.
  • Commander: RE captain, able to swear permanent deputies.
  • Lord Commandant: RE C-G, reports directly to King.

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