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Marcher Rangers

The Marcher Rangers are a paramilitary organization in charge of wilderness and borderland security, and sometimes other tasks according to the royal pleasure on a discreet basis. With little or no exception, full members are Viramarga graduates of high skill in domains such as melee, ranged combat, survival, stealth, or tracking. The Rangers are paid stipends by the Crown, and are one of the major sources of income for Viramargans. They are organizationally quite separate from the King’s Army, having an independent, rather flat, command structure. Full-time Rangers, who are considered to be officers of the crown, typically operating on their own authority and often entirely by themselves, and reporting to one of several Commanders. Each of these has an area of responsibility defined by region or for a particular task, and reports to the Lord Commandant, who in return reports direct to the King. A number of Deputies assist the Rangers; a few permanent deputies have a number of duties, such as local liaison; most are sworn temporarily for some particular matter at hand.

The Rangers and the Army do often cooperate on matters such as border patrols. Rangers have the authority to lead army units, or to be assigned under the command of Army Captains, with permission of their respective superiors or in emergencies. In the past, before the formal founding and subsequent expansion of the Army, Viramarga under royal patronage were in charge of both, using local levies.

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