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Adele Expeditionary Squadron

The Adele Expeditionary Squadron is a King’s Army unit stationed in the Whitemarch outpost, and somewhat unusual in a number of respects. It traditionally consists entirely of ursine Pasu. Unlike various units that recruit extensively from the Ze’ev, it has no particular tribal associations, drawing from both the Arcto and Baluch tribes, and elsewhere.

Nominally a platoon-sized unit in organization, commander precedence and prestige, and notional responsibilities, its usual numeric strength is usually more characteristic of an infantry squad. Operationally, it in theory is a detached unit taking orders from the Captain of the Muon Company. Organizationally — and for most purposes even more notionally — it is a component of the Heavy Cavalry Company, accounting for the seemingly anomalous “squadron” designation.

Their duties include providing much of the establishment strength at Adele, deep Whitemarch patrol, and forming a unique part of the line of battle. Though regular army, their role involves liaising with the Viramarga for training purposes, and not unrelatedly, with the Marcher Rangers.

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