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More urbanized than its woodland counterpart Arcto, the Baluch bear clan is popular with the Viramarga for the overwhelming physical power of the Pasu it produces. They are said to have developed a distaste for the barbaric lifestyle of the Arcto and seceded to their own faction. Hulking, friendly Baluch Pasu in tabards and plate armor are a common sight around Helio and Gilead, royal guards with a friendly smile and a sharp blade. They are less a clan than a tiny militia, a subsection of the Pasu-Abhasa populace funded and employed by the monarchy, a powerful union played close to the vest.

While many clans of the Pasu-Abhasa are open to Pasu of many bloodlines, the Baluch is exclusively, traditionally ursine. They work side by side with the protective automatons of the government and it is said that, indeed, a furious Baluch in full panoply is little different from a half-ton robot.

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