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A scattered, nomadic clan that travels the borders of the Whitemarch, resistant to human influence and so well accustomed to the wasteland as to thrive in seclusion.

Bear Pasu are the main component of the Arcto, though it is pertinent to indicate that Pasu of other genotypes factor heavily into their society. It is believed that of all the Pasu clans, the Arcto is the only one that comes close to outright slavery. Using their formidable size as leverage, they assimilate other transient Pasu as they travel, offering protection from the elements and wildlife in exchange for crafting and domestic chores, in effect using fear to extort servitude. It is not unusual to see a group of lumbering Arcto escorting a considerable group of hyena or cervid Pasu across the slowly thawing tundra, like remoras clinging to the underbellies of blood-eyed sharks.

Their only political structure revolves around the strength of the largest ursine Pasu, a tradition that has served them well in the frozen wastes but an ideal that is gradually becoming obsolete in the highly civilized land of Loka. They are possibly the most atavistic and warlike gathering of Pasu in Loka, a dangerous element of modern society far surpassing even the militaristic Ze’ev. Crossing them can be a fatal mistake, so the Viramarga has attempted to allow them free roam of the farthest reaches of the border in exchange for their absence from the interior of the country.

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