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The loose-knit clan of Heyoka is threaded deeply into the urban population and live side by side with humans in an amicable relationship. They were traditionally a clan of foxes, although today the name “Heyokan” has become a blanket term for any highly urbanized Pasu of indeterminate heritage.

The Heyokan were one of the first clans to welcome the humans and their technology with open arms, and since then have been assimilated into general culture. Deeply tribal Pasu such as the Ze’ev and Arcto regard them as traitors to the Pasu nation for their sociability with humans and thirst for academics and games of chance. Heyokans are often seen wearing the sharp, tailored clothing of city-dwellers, and it is famously easy to run across a silver-tongued fox in the many gambling dens scattered across Loka.

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