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The bats of Loka have traditionally been associated in small numbers with nearly all of the other clans, but have always had their own association as well. Their ability to fly and their echolocation sense made them valuable allies but set them apart as well and although they rarely grow large enough to become grounded, unlike the Tseiqami, this comes at the price of having small stature and limited strength.

Before the emergence of humans, small groups of Keero could be found with larger tribes of Ze’ev, Arcto, Crocuta, Bastians, Heyoka, and even Kakshi, acting as scouts for the hunters and messengers between tribal clans. Their greater mobility in primitive conditions made them the obvious choice for delegations, and they often found themselves in the role of diplomats a function made easier by the fact that their opposite numbers were often Keero as well. Because there were few of them in one place, they would gather together every four years at the Summer Solstice to keep in touch. It was expected that young Keero coming of age would find a mate at a Solstice Meet, and often the young couple would join a new tribe, both leaving their childhood homes. The Solstice Meets are still conducted every four years, though now it is more of an excuse to party.

In modern times, the Keero are still scattered widely, and still find employment as couriers, smugglers, and scouts, though less so as diplomats. Some traditionalists still travel with the hunting tribes at the edge of civilization and beyond, while others have joined guilds or one of the more cosmopolitan Pasu tribes. They are generally not strong magicians, though they do tend to have an uncanny knack for weather prediction. When they do possess magical talent, it is most often Air Magic. Rumors persist that they have a secret language, but if so no non-Keero has ever learned it.

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