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The mercurial Bastians have remained solidly in the architecture of the tribal. They are a nomadic, archaic cluster of hunters, living on the plains of Bhuma like a pride of savannah cats, in a roving tent city from which they sell various crafts and pelts to the travelers they happen upon. Some Bastians are more solitary, living in wilder places still and rarely associating even with their own kind. While they regularly produce physically imposing offspring, they rarely send any of their children to Basho to become part of the Viramarga. They will vehemently oppose anyone who threatens the clan or their way of life, but they are not altruistic and because they are so acclimated to the Whitemarch, they do not view Loka as integral to civilization and do not often dedicate themselves to the protection of Loka as a whole unless the danger threatens widespread death or destruction.

Their only political infrastructure revolves around the one of their own who shows the most physical power and diplomatic versatility, eschewing morality in favor of solidarity. Depending on the member in charge, the Bastians can be xenophobic and violent, or peaceful and outgoing. Atash Bahram has indicated that many Pasu responsible for mechanical sabotage over the latest fifty years may have emanated from the Bastian clan, but attempts to infiltrate their numbers and investigate have invariably ended in failure. However, since they do not pose an ongoing threat and are often one of the largest commercial sources of wild game through meat trading, no attempt has been made to eradicate or subjugate them.

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