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The avian clan of the Tseiqami to the south can be found in Simurgh, a village contained within the walls of an ancient Svargan fortress. They are one of the more reclusive Pasu tribes. Mysterious and furtive, the mystical Tseiqami send down their adolescents as a form of coming-of-age rite to prove themselves in the world, mirroring the nesting instinct of their wildlife counterparts.

They are a highly traditional clan. Finding other species among them is rare, due to the unique cultural elements caused by flight, and their coming of age ritual. They are open to trade, and generally friendly people, though living isolated on mountain peaks has given some of them an aloof mindset concerning the rest of the world, which others might interpret as arrogance.

Because of their skeletal structure, Tseiqami often only wear enough clothes to preserve modesty. Their arms are long enough to reach the knee at a standing position, with long fingers and angular elbows that support great fans of primary feathers; these semi-vestigial wings extend backwards from the forearm and fold along the upper arm when not in use. Swift and sharp-eyed, Tseiqami adolescents are often employed as messengers or inducted into the Viramarga as marksmen. Tseigami of smaller stature are able to achieve full flight, but as more modern agricultural developments have occurred, and full nutrition has become available, the Tseiqami often grow too large for proper flight. This has caused a movement of intentional partial starvation as a mark of beauty and grace.

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