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Because of their overwhelming numbers and fierce, Spartan culture, the Ze’ev are the most politically powerful Pasu in Loka as well as the most internally structured. Although like-minded Pasu of other archetypes have slowly become part of ‘the Pack’, they are almost entirely canine, roughly 80% wolf.

Early in the history of Ze’ev, centuries prior to LY0 when the first humans emerged from Helio bunker, a number of wolf packs banded together in competing allied packs, forming tribes. Among rivals to the then fledgeling Ze’ev was Raga, a tribal collection of wolf packs seeking to maintain a balance with non-wolves through diplomacy, peace, even alliance, which the Ze’ev vehemently opposed as unnatural; the Ze’ev, then under the rule of a single Supreme Alpha with subordinate Betas kept tightly in line, dubbed the Raga tribe as Dasyu, or ‘enemy of the gods’ for their unnatural liasons with non-wolves. Bloody skirmishes gave rise to a terrible Holy War which the Ze’ev ultimately prevailed in. Centuries later, the emergence of the humans from Helio triggered an age of enlightenment for the Ze’ev, and reforms gave rise to not only acceptance of other species as equals, but the importance of balance between not only the Ze’ev and the changing world around them, but within the Ze’ev politically, giving rise to the notion of rule by diverse leadership.

The Ze’ev originate from the town of Estenne, and they work closely with the Viramarga to protect the boundaries of the country, a group which often contains members of the Ze’ev clan. They follow a council of six, which includes the Alpha and the Omega, two elder Ze’ev chosen by merit and lineage. These two are of mandate to have radically different viewpoints and opinions, which forces them to balance all decisions. Because of their well-known arguments, it is commonly held knowledge that anything the Alpha and Omega can agree on will be logical and beneficial. The other four council members are present mostly for additional insight and usually consist of a mother and a trader, and two representatives of the lucrative and destitute castes.

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