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The Raga was among the first alliances of primitive Pasu wolf packs to band together, vying for supremacy with the Ze’ev and other powers centuries prior to the emergence of humans in LY 0. The Raga sought to unify not just wolf packs, but to balance their rising power with other species — prey and predator alike. The Ze’ev, by contrast, were lead by an emperor-like Supreme Alpha, whereas the Raga opted for a more confederate alliance lead by a small council each representing several packs, and negotiated peace with non-wolf tribes such notably including the Heyoka, Hindvalia, and Faras. Despite intense misgivings, the Raga made great strides, but other wolf tribes, especially the Ze’ev, declared alliances between wolves and non-wolves — especially toward prey species — as unnatural, and waged a brutal war that completely destroyed the Raga tribe.

The Raga warriors fought bravely, but were overwhelmed by the Ze’ev, and the council rulers of the Raga, after surrendering with their army slaughtered, were bound by the Ze’ev and forced to watch as their families were brutally tortured and slaughtered before the last leader himself was slowly tortured to death. A few small, scattered constituent packs remained at the fringes of what had been a promising rising empire, but were no longer one people and the Raga ceased to be.

Rumors persisted that some of these packs have survived the centuries; indeed, at least one — the KSAmavat pack, recently (within just the past decade or so) re-discovered by a Heyokan trading caravan exploring the frontier. Rumors of a secret resurgent empire proved far from the truth, however; the isolated pack was small and struggling for survival. A young member of the pack, Londikin, was fascinated by the caravan merchant’s tales of faraway tribes and great cities, and decided to join the caravan.

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