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Next to the Zeev, the eldest clan in Loka is the Faras. The first to locate and colonize the burgeoning Plains of Bhuma, they were also among the first Pasu to witness the emergence of human kind from their centuries of subterranean imprisonment, and also the first to construct permanent dwellings within the borders of the country. Because of their geographical longevity, the plains can be politically considered as Faras tribal land, which means that almost all crimes outside urban centers are in Faras jurisdiction and are punished by Faras authority, and any new urban construction north of Helio and west of the Sastra forest has to be approved with the permission of the Faras government.

Unlike the Hindvalians, the Faras are patriarchal, and voluntarily retain all members of the clan, male and female. Displays of fondness are ordinary to the Faras, but open aggression is met with swift justice. The equine Pasu of the Faras could be considered the proudest and most fierce of the Pasu-Abhasa, even moreso than the Zeev. They do not display the feral fury of the canid, but they make up for it with near-unparalleled skill in weaponry. The sight of an approaching Faras regiment, the glint of their swords, and the thunder of their hooves as they swoop in like avenging angels is enough to strike fear into the hearts of all but the most foolish.

To facilitate swift travel, Faras have evolved a peculiar trait. Their hands are sheathed in a gauntlet of keratin that frames the hand, allowing them to ball their fists into hooves and essentially gallop with a full equine stride. Many Fara wear specialized harnesses that allow them to carry an assortment of weaponry securely as they move. One particular development of Fara blacksmiths is a blade that is strapped to the forearm and pivots freely at the rear of the wrist, allowing smooth transition from gallop to battle with a flick of the elbow.

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