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Viramarga (“way of the hero”), Svarga’s premiere paramilitary school of the arts of war, is based just outside the small town of Abhi, on the edge of the western desert, in a sprawling Bohemian complex called “Basho”, after a mythical vagrant poet. Basho is a dense village of tents, shanties, and caverns carved out of the desert sandstone. Traditionally, Viramarga, and Abhi on a lesser scale, are known for the artist and poet culture of its inhabitants, who are encouraged to use their free time to sublimate their urges and anger through creative pursuits and meditation. This is where students from all over are trained from childhood to be fierce warriors in the protection of Loka, schooled in martial arts and the use of various forms of weaponry. Graduates of the Viramarga can essentially become freelancers and follow their own destiny, or stay with the school and guard the border or police the realm. Most opt to do government work: the pay is better, and so is the food.

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