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Ao Qin

The patron Pasu of the mountain sanctuary of Cetayanti, the Ao Qin are the self-appointed servants and protectors of the Cela. Predominantly reptilian, they are a peaceful warrior culture steeped in ritual and tradition, given to pursuits of sublimation and enlightenment, such as meditation and architecture. Some of the finest craftsmen and smiths come from this clan, and they are renowned throughout Loka for their aptitude at unarmed combat through martial arts. The brilliant hues of their handmade garments and glittering swords are highly sought after, and they provide their beautiful robes and magnificent weapons to the Cela and the Viramarga, respectively, out of gratitude for their protection of the country.

Some members of the Ao Qin have ‘flight’ or ‘gliding’ abilities due to membranes under their arms, or frills around their neck. Because of this ability, they are often referred to as ‘dragons’, as they bear vague resemblance to the creatures of ancient tales.

The Ao Qin are also as known for their openness and hospitality, always eager to lend a hand or provide a warm place to sleep. Their social structure is rigidly aligned with age, disregarding gender and strength in favor of seniority and wisdom. Their elders are revered as sages and spiritual leaders, and lifted into sainthood upon death. Parables about the dubious and complex insight of gurus of Ao Qin are popular among storytellers and scholars throughout Loka.

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