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Pulaka Sahamarica

Male Dingo


Pulaka isn’t large, but he is rather stout. Standing about five and a half feet tall,
this brown-and-white-furred canine nevertheless takes up a fair bit of space.
From head to toe, his body is compact and powerful, yet his movements are fluid.
His eyes often seem distant, as if he’s lost in a daydream…
Or as if his attention is everywhere. His dress is modest, usually consisting of a simple, white gi,
his lower half wrapped in a dark blue hakama,
unless the occasion calls for something more formal. Sometimes, he may be seen carrying a sword.
However, since one does not neccesarily carry a blade when going to the market,
he is more likely to be seen leaning on a four-foot bamboo staff, with a leather grip.


Gifted, but humble. He prefers diplomacy over fighting, though he will admit that his
skill in the former leaves something to be desired. Nevertheless, he is not one to be
considered stupid, as his calm, silent gaze does not necessarily imply that he is
oblivious to his surrounding.


Though the Sahamarica family had been centered in Basho for several generations, and had gained a fair amount of prestige among the ranks of the Viramarga, Pulaka was one fellow that stood out. His training began at a young age, and he progressed quickly, showing exceptional talent in the martial arts, armed or otherwise. By the time he reached adulthood, the Viramarga deemed his training complete. A long, but sparse military career followed, which saw Pulaka stationed all across Loka, and occasionally, even being sent to the Whitemarch outpost of Adele. Due to recommendation from his master and teachers, he was a shoe-in for service with the Marcher Rangers, though his term among their ranks was brief. Following his travels, Pulaka returned to Basho, to further train himself, and to pass on the knowledge he had. However, it was still many years before the old dog decided to seek out a student of his own; not someone to teach the basics of swordsmanship, but someone to guide through their entire study of the martial arts.

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