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Muon Company

The Muon Company of the King’s Army is a relatively typical example of a locally mustered line infantry unit. Its enlisted personnel broadly reflect the composition of the city and its wider hinterland, with heavy representation by “domestic” types of Pasu, significant numbers of humans, and smaller numbers of wilder/tribal Pasu. Recruits are given musket and pike/bayonet drilling locally; other skills, especially Viramarga training in sidearms and other specialties are considered advantageous, but are not an essential or integrated part of training or recruiting. Officers are more often drawn from further afield, and almost always have Viramarga training, “or other experience deemed equivalent”.

When deployed in battle as a full unit, or significant portion thereof, it will assume a column, a four-rank line, or an infantry square when obliged to protect its down flank due to lack of other line units, or mobile auxiliaries or other attached troops to provide that. Small numbers of scouts, skirmishers and cavalry are often recruited to the Company, or else hired, allied from tribal forces, or detached from other Army units. A longstanding attachment to the operational command of Muon is the Adele Expeditionary Squadron.

The Muon Company has typically been significantly above establishment strength, though much of this levy consists of city-based part-time soldiers. Full-timers are paid from local taxes. Reflecting its origins as a city militia, squads, often used for public order functions, are traditionally led by a “Sergeant of the Watch”. Rural patrols are more often at platoon strength, commanded by a Patrol Leader or Plutarch. According to official modern army doctrine, the former should be a NCO, and the latter a commissioned officer, but practice has varied from this considerably. This irregular terminology is far from unusual in different army units. (The preferred terms for such situations, where they occur from need, would be “detachment lieutenant” and “platoon sergeant major”.)

As of LY322, the company commander was Yarren de Brian, a well-connected urban human, alumnus of the Helio Corps of Cadets, and Viramarga-trained at Basho.

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