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According to Legend, Leviathan has lived for hundreds of years, rising out of the ashes of the White Age without explained origin. It is said that he and a small group of dedicated creatures were on Esquemelin before anyone had constructed a vessel capable of reaching it. For as long as anyone has known the island, it has been ruled by his whim.

Many consider him to be a demon god like Dozakh Zulm, some even saying that the two are related. Instead of destroying man, however, he desires to profit from the illicit desires of his heart. The leader of the Advocatus Diaboli, he has a sizable army of rogues and wicked men of every sort at his disposal. The Lokan King has not attempted to eject him from his independant state on Esquemelin, the island too well fortified and guarded for him to try to sieze without it being a Pyrrhric victory at best.

Wicked groups found all over Loka pay allegence to him, making his reach go far and wide. Acre especially is known to be a vessel of profit for him, the coliseum games being corrupted in many ways. However, the King does not try to stop this, as he also gets his fair share of the Taxes from it and because shutting down the games might well cause riots.

Leviathan’s trademark is his black clothing and jade mask, which distorts his voice. He is said to be skilled with many weapons, having been known to use anything from swords to clubs to firearms. His scent is also masked by a strange scent like smoke after a fire. It cannot be determined whether underneath this clothing he would appear human, pasu, or like some creature no one had ever before wittnessed.

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