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The mechanically-minded, rough-and-tumble town of Meson is situated on the southern shore of the Sea of Rocana, clinging to the swampy land and often sprawling onto the sea itself. Old, often swollen wood has been used to create a system of docks, which serve as roads. Many of the town’s buildings are welded or riveted together from scrap metal - historically of salvaged Svargan materials, though the boggy environment has rusted most of it away, replaced over time with Lokan stock. The town itself is not entirely unpleasant, and although the improvisational design unsettles some, it remains an important port of trade and source of promising Academy prospects. A variety of pasu have made homes and shops there, but the most prevalent species are frogs, toads, and other amphibious creatures.

There has recently been a push to industrialize the town, and make use of the metalworking talents that the people of Meson are known for, but the lack of a suitable amount of stable land has thus far rendered ambitious plans to build large-scale factories like those in Muon and Acre impractical.

Like Noria, the town was briefly occupied by the Advocates, though it sustained very little damage.

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