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Azi Dahaka

Known colloquially as the “Sand Dragons”, the proud and rough-hewn Azi Dahaka is more of a bandit gang than a true Pasu clan, and they hold little to no political sway within the larger Pasu-Abhasa community. They roam the Samudran Desert as nomads, occasionally assaulting travellers that pass through the area. They are mostly reptilian, although they regularly keep females of other Pasu families captured after a road raid. Because of their resemblance to the creatures in ancient tales, fire mages from Azi Dahaka are often referred to as ‘dragons.’

While they are indeed a dangerous group, Viramarga generally leaves them alone as the advantages of their presence outweigh the risks. Not all of the soldiers of the Viramarga are conditioned to patrol the desert, and the Azi Dahaka serves as a formidable barrier to many Druj coming out of the Whitemarch to the southeast. They also send emissaries to trade with merchants in Abhi, which is a major stimulant to the economy there even if their wares are often stolen goods. And as criminal as they are, they most often leave their victims alive and well. They still retain a certain nobility that elevates them marginally above the Arcto clan, who can, will, and have killed indiscriminately.

They call themselves the Sand Dragons because for some reason–perhaps their affinity with the arid expanse–the few offspring they produce with magical abilities seem to exhibit prodigious natural talent for the manipulation of fire.

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