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Centzon Totochtin

Although it is comprised mostly of lagomorphic (rabbit) Pasu, the Centzon Totochtin clan has absorbed all kinds of Pasu with more body than money. It has developed into the lucrative underground powerhouse it is today only through word-of-mouth, which would be an amazing feat if it weren’t for the fact that it is a clan revolving around the practice of the intimate escort, an unsurprisingly popular culture. Their activity seems to depend upon Acre as a center of operation, but any harem found in Loka is probably going to be one of the many gentle arms of the Centzon.

The surprise comes from how structured and steeped in tradition the Centzon are; they take their reputation and appearance very seriously and have for centuries, grooming their young from childhood to impeccable standards to become the spotless epitome of what they do. While most of the rural population regards them as below acceptable social standards, the cities welcome them with open–if discreet–arms.

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