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Player Countries

It may be in the interest of easier RP get-together to know which country, or at least timezone, each player is in. Add yourself below if you like.

Server time is UTC-6.

  • Condon: UTC-5 — New Jersey, USA
  • Heike: UTC-5 — Massachusetts, USA
  • Keesha: UTC-5 — Pennsylvania, USA
  • Kimberley: UTC-5 — North Carolina, USA
  • Raziel:UTC-5 — Pennsylvania, USA
  • ShadowWalker: UTC-5 — Kentucky, USA
  • Tia: UTC −5 — Louisiana, USA
  • Flora/Katrina: UTC+1 — Netherlands
  • Keluri: UTC+1 — Germany
  • Kat Weiss: UTC+3 (with DST) — Romania
  • White: UTC+10 — New South Wales, Australia

(This list is arranged by timezone, starting with the lowest negative, then name.)

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