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Jul 21, 2024





Status: Regular Player

Gender: Male

Type: Snake Pasu

Description: Condon is a shifty looking Snake Pasu. He carries no weapons, but has a radient aura of power surrounding him. He puts on a meek faÁade to lure people to him. Condonís scales cover his whole body; he has a light green base scale colouration, dark green spots on his scales, and flecks of silver and gold scales. He has a humanoid torso, and human arms, but he doesnít have any legs, just a snake tail about four and a half feet long. His torso has permanently painted alchemic symbols on each pectoral; the right pectoral has a blue downward facing triangle for water, and the left pectoral has a red upwards facing triangle for fire. He has a serpentine face and light green-blue eyes. Condon has long and thin black hair tied back in a ponytail. He only wears a sash around his waist for modesty.

Background: Being a naga born into the Azi Dahaka clan was a bad beginning to life. The Aziís few children that can control magic had control of fire. It was obvious at an early age that Condon didnít fit in with anyone; his magics gave him a control over an element almost unheard of for a Reptilian Pasu: water. Still, growing up almost alone in a clan of desert bandits had its advantages. Condon wasnít a needy person, and he learned along with the other children in the Azi Dahaka clan; the end justifies the means, and taking things is just wealth redistribution, et cetera. At a teen age, Condon left his home in the Samudran Desert to satisfy his need for a place to fit in. His first destination was Gilead and its bustling trade.


  • Body: 2
  • Expression: 2
  • Focus: 1
  • Mind: 3
  • Soul: 4


1. Water mage: A magician well-skilled in the art of water control and manipulation. Has a very small degree of competence in the other elements.
2. Devious: Has an underhanded way of finishing things. Lies and manipulates to achieve his own ends. Has a more selfish perspective.

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