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Status: Regular Player

Gender: Female

Type: Human

Description: Tia is an ordinary young Human girl with long (Just past her waist) light brown hair and fair skin. She is wearing a very simple Sleeveless white one-piece dress with a ribbon as a sort of belt and simple, strappy, low-heeled sandals. She doesn’t seem to have any sort of weaponry on her person, but she does have a slightly concerned/worried look on her face. She does seem to have a magical air about her, but does not seem to notice.

Background: Age: 19
Hair/Eye Color: Light Brown/Sky Blue
Height/Weight:5″05 (153cm)/120lbs(54kg)
Bloodtype: O
Bio:A young woman who is part of a powerful family from Noria. However, her entire family was killed in a massive fire. This experience traumatized Tia, causing her to close herself off from the world. She was placed in an Insane Asylum for about 10 years, but was deemed Cured. She also has very powerful Water Magic and is very kind and quiet. She is very gentle and hates conflict… She has not joined with the Cela, nor have her powers been revealed to them……


  • Body: 2
  • Expression: 2
  • Focus: 2
  • Mind: 3
  • Soul: 3


1. Water mage: Water Mage: Possesses very powerful Water Magic
2. Kind: Very sensitive to the emotions of others, rarely offends others, and cares about the life of others

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