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Jun 18, 2024





An Insane Asylum established in Noria. The building is rather nice, looking more like a very fancy apartment building or some sort of mansion than a hospital, but the interior tells another story. The lobby is fairly nice, with several comfortable chairs and well cared for plants, but the areas where visitors are barred from do not share this welcoming trait. Most of the hallways are dismal and gray; with heavy iron doors keeping each of the patients in their rooms. The patients are sorted by degree of insanity, with the most dangerous occupying the top floors. The dismal gray hallways are often filled with screams of pain or terror, and said screams can be heard at all hours of the night, which is why it is situated far from the residential area. Also patients sometimes disappear from the establishment with no discernable cause….. There are also many rumors of patient fatalities…… Some other rumors state that patients are used in some sort of experiment and those that die are fed to a patient that seems normal, but has the brain of a domesticated dog……but those are just rumors…..right? Tia spent ten years of her life in this establishment….

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