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“Oh, were we doing traditional garb tonight? How gauche.”

Who is Heike?

Heike is a Tasmanian devil Pasu, looking to be somewhere in his thirties. He was born and raised in Gilead by Heyokan parents who long ago assimilated into urban life.

Many Heyokan rarely invoke the name of their clan, if they consider it at all; Heike, however, considers himself purely clanless. Or as he describes himself, “more civilized than that.” As such, his mannerisms closely resemble those of the Lokan royal court. He’s worked hard to make this natural; he even looks down upon the distinctly Pasu traits of his city-dwelling family. Unable to relate to his own people, but also unable to relate fully to humans, he has become status-obsessed and insecure.

He is so given to taking on complex personas to fit into society that he sees himself as a special piece in an important game. Interactions with human and Pasu alike have become purely practiced, tactical events. His success in human society has been like salt water to him; he only commands greater respect and more prominent position.

What does he look like?

Heike is a short, podgy Pasu, Despite his stature (or lack of it), the Tasmanian devil is ought to carry himself confidence, shoulders straight and walking with purpose. Every movement seems meticulously planned to appear as effortless as possible. More notable, it’s all quite distinctly human, his mannerisms often more formal and restrained than one might expect.

His dress is equally sharp, the latest fashions ironed and tailored carefully to fit his frame.

The creature resembles most of his kind with sharp, classical features, a sloping snout scarcely able to support a pair of spectacles. He keeps his hair short and straight, neatly-groomed and culminating in a small-but-respectable beard which serves to round out his face. Altogether, a rather proper sort; though when he speaks, his fangs stand out clear as day, opening to a dreadful maw so deeply-restrained by his otherwise civilized appearance.

What is he good at?

He is currently a production manager at a major Naraka Corporation workshop. He is a skilled orator and liar, making him exceptionally well-suited for guile on a large scale.

Where does he come from?

His childhood was marked by a distinct transformation; Heike had been bullied relentlessly by his human social circle as a young Pasu. Rather than fight back, he instead sought their approval, growing to gain their trust and acceptance only by assimilating into their culture. He abandoned any pretense of tribal history as a young man, going so far as to be an apologist for the snobbery of human elites; he considers most Pasu with disdain, particularly tribal Pasu, whom he sees as no better than garbage.


He has a vague connection to magic, but has never had formal training. He is in the process of learning a single, simple air cantrip, but his skills are poor.


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