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The Valani Family Clans

The Valani Family is made up of three clans: Nav, Poe, and Sen, all mostly made up of red pandas, though there are
other species that are married in. It is the largest family of red pandas throughout Loka, and chances are that if you
meet a red panda, they are most likely Valani. The family is spread out geographically in a triangular shape between
Escorus, Acre, and Ashvamedha, with one clan majorly settled in each place.



The Poe clan, which is settled on the outskirts of Acre, are mainly writers, poets, and artists whose works are spread
throughout Loka. It is the largest clan, with seven individual families, four consisting of twenty-two red panda members,
the other three are a mix of different species. It is the most well known of all three clans, due to it’s artistic fame.
It values art and it’s many forms, usually sending it’s members to distant colleges, and expect a certain level of
civilized behavior and skills.


The Nav clan is mainly settled on the outskirts of Escorus, and are mostly map makers and geographers, which sometimes
spreads it’s members out quite a bit, but most return. It is the second largest clan, with two red panda families with
nineteen members, and one mix family, with a possible second. Most of it’s members are of-age, so there aren’t very many
children, which they tend to home teach. With their mostly rural location, this isolates them from society a bit.


The Sen clan is settled in Ashvamedha, and are usually agrarian based, working the land to make a living. Being the smallest
and less wide spread clan, it is quite easy to forget them, as they rarely leave the farmlands of Ashvamedha. The clan only
has one individual family consisting of twelve members, the children ranging from late teens to toddler age, all of which are
red pandas. They are home schooled as well, taught how to work the land from a young age.

A Brief History

The Valani family wasn’t always split into clans, once bein one large family of Valanis, extending back generations. It was only
recently split, when the last three children of the singular Valani family, a trio of brothers, had an argument and decided to
split up, two heading towards the nearest towns at the crossroad, the third staying behind in Acre. Angry at each other, they
prefixed their last names with an abbreviation of their first, to separate themselves from the other two. After a long while,
once they were old, they eventually came together and, after quite a bit of fighting, they came to a truce and stopped their
fighting, although forgiveness wouldn’t come for quite a bit longer. Since then, while clan fighting has died down some due
to the truce, they are still wary of each other, although they can get along quite well for the most part.

Valani Family Fortune

There is one thing all three clans can agree on completely, and that is the upkeep of the ‘Valani Fortune’, which was passed down
from generation to generation, back when the three clans didn’t exist. While it isn’t much compared to some aristocrats, it is
quite formidable, with enough in it to support aspiring Valani businesses, families with many children, and qualifying young
adults, upon request. Every month, each family gets a small portion of the stored money, to help with payments, bills, and family
life. If there is a qualifying young adult, such as a student, a bit more is sent to the family, which then sends it to that
individual. As for businesses, they only qualify to receive a share only if they are just starting, or are in the red. At the end
of each year, every Valani business, regardless of clan, puts a portion of its profits into the fund, proportional to its financial
size, to make up for the loss of money each month, and to gradually increase the size of the fortune, for later generations.

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