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Sasha Nav-Valani

Female Red Panda

IC Description

Sasha Nav-Valani is a Five foot four inch Red Panda, in her early twenties, and
is quite the oddball fuzzball. She has overly fluffy, light red fur with a black
furred chest and belly, and black ‘socks’ on her arms and legs. She has light
orange facial fur with three little white lines going from her eyes, across her
cheeks, and underneath her chin. As for her eyes, they are quite big, with a cheery
gleam to them, although her irises are a dark, dark brown, nearly black. Her eyes
aren’t the only things with a happy glow, her face is almost always split with a
happy grin, even though her expression is usually a daydreamish or oblivious look.
Her body is about average in size and shape, with a thin waist and not to curvy
transition to her chest and hips. Her poofy tail is quite long, almost as long as
her legs, with six pale-white rings extending from the base of her tail to the tip.

As for her clothing, she’s wearing a black scholar’s robe trimmed with a dark purple,
the front of the robes just below the waist are pulled back, allowing access to her
normal baggy tan pants. Her pants have a huge amount of pockets all over them, although
most go unused, she just likes the feel of having so many. An expensive looking pendant
on a silver chain hangs from her neck. The pendant itself is a rather large teardrop
shaped ruby lined in silver. Running along the front of the ruby are small veins of
silver starting from the lining and moving out past the edges, making it look a bit
like a ruby egg covered in silver fire.

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