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Character Profile

At first sight of his seven-foot fuzzy frame, the phrase “small cat” doesn’t spring to mind, but his vertically-irised eyes and thick, brown-ticked fur makes it evident that this is no pantherine. Perhaps a lynx, or bobcat…? But no, his only moderately pointed ears and long bushy tail seem to suggest he’s “just” a morphic domestic cat, albeit one with plenty of length, heavily muscled, and with no little padding and fluff to add to the overall effect. Indeed, he’s a large brown tabby Maine Coone. He lounges with a contentedly indolent air, but his eyes are wide and alert, with the air of someone looking for something to batbat at. His large hindpaws are bare, as currently are his legs. He’s wearing a short black cape, a matching top hat, and a detached white shirt collar around his sturdy neck. This last is fastened around with a Western-style black string tie. Despite his lack of actual pockets, he carries a large brass pocket watch on a chain, the other end of which is attached to the cap. The watch itself alternately just dangles, and nestles in his floofy fur. Though on closer inspection… is it just a watch?

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