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  • Instigator:
  • Goal:
  • Antagonist:
  • Involved PCs:
  • Involved NPCs:
  • Predominant style of RP:
  • Contact Person:
  • Comments:

White Circle

  • Instigator: White Circle
  • Goal: Oppose encroachment of technology and civilization into tribal and wilderness areas.
  • Antagonist: Naraka, King’s Army
  • Involved PCs: Cerianwyn, Whiskey, Bruyante
  • Involved NPCs: Various members of WC ‘ring’ near Muon; mysterious, powerful bear shaman deep in Whitemarch
  • Predominant style of RP: investigation, magical and physical conflict.
  • Contact Person: Tora
  • Comments:

No friend like the Advocates

  • Instigator: AdvocatusDiaboli
  • Goal: To disrupt the current Regime
  • Antagonist: King’s Army
  • Involved PCs: Ezrain, Pulaka, Amjad
  • Involved NPCs: Terrence
  • Predominant style of RP: Infiltration, investigation, smuggling, diplomacy.

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