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Mostly comprised of hyena Pasu, the Crocuta clan is a group so nebulous as to almost be a non-entity; scattered across the country, most of them are destitute and homeless but they generally use pictographs to communicate with each other, drawn on walls and trees for the next Crocuta to see and understand. In essence for most, while “Crocuta” refers traditionally to hyena Pasu, it has become a catch-all term for the homeless.

This secret language is guarded very carefully, and for that matter is so chaotic that meanings vary from region to region and can even be misunderstood by foreign Crocuta. It is said that they are the background noise of Loka, the unseen and ignored beggars and wanderers, which makes them ideal thieves. Those Crocuta reformed by prison time or the rough life of a thief often make for crafty black market merchants and are usually a good source of fences and bookies.

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