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Brisby, a member of The Hounds, is a massive industrial automaton designed with heavy lifting in mind.


This is Brisby- the Bulwark of the Hounds. Covered from (what can only be referred to as a head) to bone-crushing foot in both svargan and lokan metals and painted with the faded yellow and black striping of its original purpose, Brisby does nothing to blend in. Its steps are heavy, purposeful, and the servos allowing for this hideous locomotion are keen to alert those nearby that the outer armor is matched on the inside with heavy equipment. It has two articulated arms with three thick, opposable ‘digits’ with a single knuckle each. The beast walks in a perpetual crouch, but has had occasion to rise to its full imposing height before- towering over doors and peering into second story windows.


Brisby is, for a machine covered in caution stripes and capable of simply walking through most walls, surprisingly softspoken and in fact quite apologetic at times. Little more is known about Brisby’s social skills, as he is rarely out and about for idle conversation.


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