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Avarta on the rooftop
Avarta, on the roof of his apartment.


This raven is about 6 feet tall and probably 120 pounds or so, though his feathers make him look closer to 180. Avarta takes great pride in his shiny black feathers, and keeps them combed and perfectly smoothed. He wears a black vest, silken and shiny, with tall arm-holes for greater flexibility of his arms. His trousers are black wool, and his talons are adorned with small metallic tips, also painted black. They make a clicking sound on hard surfaces as he walks. The points seem very sharp. Really the only thing on his person which isn’t black is the red ribbon affixed to the handle of a six-inch knife that Avarta keeps sheathed on his belt. He’s young and quick, and it shows in his posture and in his face.

Recent Happenings

  • Avarta meets Redwing?, who discovers Avarta’s morbid occupation.

RP Ideas

  • Avarta meets a leader of the Tseiqami tribe, who tells him that his grandfather was not a visionary; rather, he was a psychopathic criminal.
  • Avarta is caught bodysnatching by the Viramarga
  • Avarta’s father dies and he is hired to snatch his own father’s body.

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