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Altus in the Samudra Desert
Altus, in the Samudra Desert, just outside of Abhi, his hometown.


Altus is average height for a man, and although slim he has the vigor of youth. His turban and veil are the same color as his eyes: a dark azure blue, like the sky just before nightfall. His sharp nose and broad grin are not visible behind his veil, which usually covers the lower half of his face.

He wears a full-length white robe emblazoned with his family’s crest: three coins together in a triangle. The coins, though traditionally gold, are red as a symbol of vengeance for a dead relative. Altus’s hands and arms are often hidden within the folds of this large robe.

He has a beautiful breech-loading long rifle slung over his shoulder, with a strap made of black leather and intricately decorated with a pattern of beads that is similar to the crest on his robe.

A similarly decorated belt supports a three-foot steel saber in its black leather scabbard. The belt also sports a couple of small pouches, presumably for carrying powder charges, bullets, a waterskin, and other small items.

On his feet he wears long leather boots, though his robe mostly covers them up. They are more practical than decorative, as they keep stray desert sand from entering and scraping his feet raw.

Recent Happenings

  • Altus meets and owes a favor to Alexander?.
  • Altus purchases a saber from Cecil?.

RP Ideas:

  • Altus is hired by Londokin?.
  • Alexander comes to Abhi to collect Altus’s promised favor.
  • A caravan is attacked by pirates and Altus tries to defend it.

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