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Loka’s currency is the vira. It has no official subdivisions. The royal mint makes 1V, 2V and 5V coins in copper-nickel alloy, 10V and 20V coins in silver, and 100V coins in gold. Colloquially the 1V, 2V and 5V pieces are often referred to as nickel, dime, guilder, respectively; the silver coins as half-crown and crown (or for emphasis, “silver crown”); the 100V piece is referred to as a sovereign (or “gold sovereign”). Larger gold mintings are used as bullion. Traditionally, most inhabitants of the Oasis traded in barter and informal gifting and counter-gifting “credit”, and outside the cities that remains true for most transactions, reducing the need for smaller-denominated coin.

The Advocates use a wide variety of currency, including darker-colored coins worth less than 1V. The association of these small “coppers” with the pirates increases official resistance to the concept of small-denomination mintings. Advocate coins are officially illegal in the Kingdom of Loka, but this is only enforced with any zeal in Helio and Gilead. Other cities and mercantile organizations also mint their own coinage and issue paper scrip, both in the form of “trade credit” for smaller amounts and “banker’s drafts” for larger ones.

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