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“Everything comes with a price. Every choice we make comes at cost. And some costs, are far greater than the value of our choice.”

Who is Siegfried?

Siegfried is, at least by his own accounting, a wandering disciple of no particular religion or faith. Despite the impression his appearance might give off, he is actually rather friendly and outgoing, always willing to offer a friendly bit of conversation or listen to another’s sorrows. His own history is…not exactly a mystery, but not a topic he often prefers to dwell on. The past may have made him who he is, but it is the present that will determine who he becomes. In the meantime, of course, there are more important things to deal with, for there are many in need of peace and understanding, and ever a call to share the knowledge of another way to go.

All right, but who is he?

Physically speaking, Siegfried is possibly a rather intimidating sight to those who haven’t met him before. He stands about six-foot-two and has the build of a being quite familiar with a life of physical labor. He wears a silver full-face mask with little to no decoration, a wide-brimmed woven hat shaped like a squat cone, and several cloth panels concealing the sides, back and front of his head and neck; this, combined with his travelling outfit - essentially a knee-length robe, simple cloth pants and a layered undershirt, as well as leather gloves and well-worn boots - essentially serves to make it impossible to tell what he actually looks like, or even what he really is under the outfit.

At all times, Siegfried carries with him an ironwood staff, topped with a very decorative metal endcap shaped like an ornate spade or fleur-de-lis, from which hang several metal rings, which chime with every step he takes.

What is he good at?

Siegfried is a nonviolent person by choice, and prefers the gentler means of interacting with the world around him. He is always willing to befriend a new person, share a happy moment or listen consolingly to their problems, and is even known to offer advice once in a while. For the most part, however, Siegfried is generally just a friendly, calm, happy individual, actively going about doing what he can to make the world a better place and encourage others to do likewise.

For the rare situations where a calming word is not enough, however, Siegfried is highly skilled in a wide variety of martial arts, with his focus exclusively on non-lethal methods of situational control, such as takedowns, holds, grapples, pressure points and other means of handling a violent situation without resorting to actual violence.

Where does he come from?

Siegfried’s history is…not exactly a happy one, but not as dark as some. Still, he is reluctant to share more than a few details with those who ask, leaving much of his past a mystery.

It is known by some that, at some point in his life, Siegfried studied with the Cela for a time, and also trained with the Viramarga; his time with the latter ended rather abruptly, however, with a swift discharge and a three-year prison sentence. It is also known by some that, once a year for the past decade or so, Siegfried makes a journey to Cetayanti to visit the Cela monastery, possibly as yet another part of whatever demons haunt his past. As with so many other things, the details remain to be seen.


  • Siegfried is not a drinker, and in fact, abstains from anything stronger than cider and juice. While polite about it, he’s rather adamant in this issue.
  • Siegfried’s staff is a gift from his father. He considers it his most prized possession, for reasons that should be clear.


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