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Saalis Sa’vraan


Age: Unknown.

Height: 5′4.

Weight: Nunya.

Build: Athletic;toned.

Hair: Silver with black highlights.

Eyes: Violet.

Profession: “Memory-Keeper”.

Tribe: Sa’viir.

Origin: Southeastern forest. Somewhere.

Social Class (City): Middle class.

Social Class (Home Tribe): Royalty.

Gender: Female.

Affiliation: None.

Current Residence: High-class hotels.

Player: Someone Awesome.

Theme Music

Pulse - SpiRitual

In the Kingdom of the Blind - Dead Can Dance

Note: The images on this page were not drawn by myself and are not of my character; they were drawn by Truro on furaffinity. I merely post these pictures here to work as examples of how my own character might look.

Saalis has the hard, lean body of a graceful dancer- not an ounce of superfluous fat mars her, and her muscles glide like silk beneath her pelt. Her fur is glossy and shines with health; it carries with it the silver, white, gray and black patterning unique to clouded leopards. Her features are angular, with high grinning cheekbones and a muzzle that tapers delicately, lending her a dignified air. Her eyes are large and round, deep violet orbs that seem always to be taking in the world, watching what it has to give. Curly, silvery hair with black highlights, shoulder-length with the bangs cut to chin-length at the front, frames her face like a halo of silk.

Powerful legs built for and honed by a life of leaping, ambush-hunting and dancing taper into delicate and small digitigrade feet. Her tail is long and luxurious, carrying with it the same patterning as the rest of her body and often curling behind her with unconscious grace.

Saalis dresses only in clothing that does not impede motion; For hunting she wears soft leathers with full range-of-motion and plenty of give. For dancing she dresses herself in little more than strips of wispy colored silks. If she must, she will wear the fashions inherent in a city she visits but will favor the most minimalist of looks allowable by that culture. Scents? While hunting she wears pungeant odors to disguise from her prey the scent of their predator. In cities she will either wear nothing and allow her natural scent shine through, or wear a subtle spritz of perfume. However, when she dances? She wears only the most expensive, hypnotic of scented oils – oils designed to captivate the nose of the viewer as much as her movements captivate the eyes.

Her armaments are few – reinforced metal gauntlets with brass claws for her legs and hands allow her greater precision and speed when she climbs. They also allow her to silence her prey more efficiently. She carries with her a simple reed blowgun and her belt often has several brightly-colored, feathered darts to spare.

Scars: Our Clouded Leopard friend has the body of both a dancer and a fighter; however, she lacks any hint of scarring or other physical imperfection. It’s almost eerie, really.

Other Features: Saalis has several piercings in her ears - mostly silver, with precious gemstones glittering throughout. She often weaves beads and feathers of bright color through her hair.

Memory Keeper: Saalis knows the ancient art of Ribbon-Dancing, a complicated and extremely difficult method of dancing held sacred by her people. She understands and can interpret the language inherent in the dance; she can also retrace these steps flawlessly to awe a crowd and create her own memories to dance for the generations to come. She is able to dance past a point that would exhaust most normal dancers due to the intense, sometimes brutal training that comes with this art.

Trained by the Silence: The Silence is the name given by the Sa’viir tribe to the specialized stalk-and-ambush hunters that feed and clothe the People. Like them she is able to take advantage of stealth, guerrilla tactics, and ambush-based attacks. The Silences specialize in hunting and attacking from above, through the trees.

Ribbon Dancer For Hire (Anyone) Saalis possesses knowledge of an extremely rare form of dance that originates from a single tribe of Pasu located in the southeastern forests - little is known about them save that they see dancing as a sacred tradition that is not to be taken lightly. While Saalis will not teach her skills to outsiders, she is happy to ply her trade and show the graceful, physically-demanding and beautiful movement that comprises the Ribbon Dance. She will not entertain at seedy taverns or other such places, but has managed to garner some small bit of fame throughout Loka by dancing for high-class establishments and even entertaining royalty.

Hunter (Anyone) This young Pasu was taught by the best hunters in the Sa’viir tribe; she specializes in stalking, scouting and hunting through forested areas, and is able to hold her own in hand-to-hand combat thanks to her grace and compact, strong body. She is willing to hire herself out as a guard, scout or mercenary should the pay meet her standards and the cause suit her conscience and honor.

Memory Keeper (Sa’viir tribe members) Any member of the Sa’viir tribe knows of the Memory Keepers and the sacred duty they carry Saalis carries with her the memories of her entire people and expresses those memories through the sacred ribbon dance. Memory Keepers are something akin to royalty in Sa’viir culture - do you think she deserves the title?

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