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Royal Engineering Battery

The Royal Engineering Battery is a roughly Company-equivalent unit of the King’s Army. Its role is military construction, repair, and demolition, both strategic and tactical. It bears the name “battery” as it was created around the same time as the founding of artillery units, and is organized similarly, notably in being split into subunits named Guns. While in the artillery per se a Gun might often be commanded by a sergeant (or a corporal-major, depending on the size of the weapon and its detail), in the R.E.B. this is invariably an officer, titled simply Engineer. This is due in part to the technical nature of the role, and in part as the Battery is rarely deployed as a unit, but rather as individual Guns, often attached to other Companies. Each Gun has a fairly specialized technical role, as is referred to by that as its normal designation (Fortification, Explosives, Entrenchment, Deep Excavation, etc). The Battery Commander is the Chief Engineer. It is headquartered near Muon, but recruits widely according to technical aptitude rather than on an especially local basis. In recent pre-War years it grew to well over company establishment strength, adding additional Guns in the process, but because of the nature of its role no need was felt to split it into separate companies/batteries, or to found a new one.

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